How-to Guide: Feed Integration

Guidelines for Accessing Any C3 Network Feed

This demo utilizes Blockfrost services for interaction with the Cardano blockchain. Before proceeding, kindly create an account to obtain the project ID and select the appropriate base URL.

  1. Please review the Live C3 Networks page and select your desired C3 network feed.

  2. Determine the contract's address, and the policy ID associated with the oracleFeed NFT.

  3. Clone the Datum Demo V3 repository and update the configuration file (config.json) with the previous acquired values.

  4. To retrieve the C3 network feed, run: python network-feed/ preprod --feed. For obtaining the C3 network configuration, run: python network-feed/ preprod --configuration.


  1. The demo defaults to using a pre-production environment; nevertheless, the same structure is applicable to any C3 network deployed on the production (mainnet).

  2. The demo is set up to retrieve the oracle feed from both the V2 and V3 networks. However, it is only compatible with reading the configuration network of version V3.


  1. C3 Network Feed's Datum Standard (PlutusTx) repository

  2. C3 Network Feed's Datum Standard documentation: Datum Standard

  3. Datum Demo V3 repository.

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